Mountainside Residence




North Burnaby

Project Type

Custom Residential


Homeowner Designed in collaboration with Centanni Tile


Dreamline Construction



Crouched on the foothills of Burnaby Mountain, this clean and contemporary residence is designed to perform for a busy family of 5. With a short list of materials including bleached white oak, wrought iron and black stainless to compliment the refined tile throughout, the home achieves an elegantly cohesive design language while creating distinct personal touches for each space including 5 full ensuite bathrooms, powder room, kitchen and laundry spaces. 

It's clear from the first swing of the front door, that thought went into the details. To make selections and allow expenses that would benefit longevity and hard wear from a large and busy family. Everything speaks of quality craftsmanship and ability to mature gracefully, in the case of the solid wood flooring and millwork, or simply ignore the heavy use like the broad expanses of quality European porcelain and ceramic tile.

Photos by Centanni Tile Team.

Project Product List

Cotswold Nero

Project Photography

3" x 12"

When a little drama is called for, flipping the shade scale to black is always a great idea. Cotswold Collection's subtle handmade feel helps this powder room's feel of approachable elegance.

Dynamic Neutro

Project Photography

3" x 12"

To pair with the off-white satin finish on the kitchen cabinetry and the contemporary craftsman feel - Dynamic collection's crackle glaze was the only choice. Finished with the quarter-round edgestick.

Ravello Blanco & QR

Project Photography

3" x 12"

Glossy White Subway is a workhorse tile that can compliment almost anything and fit within any style. Used in 2 bathrooms with completely unique styles, they are finished with the quarter round at perimeters.

Tortona Nero

Project Photography

12" x 24"

For a masculine take that fit with the rest of the home, the darker flooring of Tortona Nero was selected to pair with the black stainless fixtures. Impeccable use of layered blacks.

Statuary Hex & Square Mosaics

Project Photography

3" x 3"

With Statuary Collection complimented by 2 mosaics, this home took advantage using both. Hexagons were used in one bath as the primary flooring while the 3x3" was perfectly suited to the other's shower floor.

Statuary Natural & Polished

Project Photography

24" x 24"

The softer contrast of Statuary was chosen for the smaller bathrooms of the teenager's ensuites. The brighter white and softer contrast of the vein-structure paired with the large formats makes for a bright and inviting bathroom.

Pure Natural & Polished

Project Photography

24" x 24"

Pure is like a chameleon, mirroring its surroundings and can either appear warm or cool. This home utilizes both finishes in the large 24" square format, polished on walls and natural on floors

Pure Natural

Project Photography

24" x 48"

The mix of warm and grey veins are what characterizes our Pure from Antique Marble. The effectiveness of using multiple formats of this tile in a space is showcased beautifully in this master bath



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