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2019 Lookbook Vol. 2 - Centanni Style to Close Out the Decade

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

2019 was a stunning year for Centanni Tile and for design trends in general. Over the holiday season, we sent our annual recap to our Centanni Tile Insiders and wanted to post it here for posterity and anyone who might have missed it. We pair each major trend with one of our collections launched this year and as an added bonus, we've found some great Instagram brands and influencers that embody these trends that we'd like to introduce you to.

Issue 2

The lead-off issue was all about the return to grace and timeless classics in gentlemen's sartorial style as we close out the Twenteens. If you missed that post you can find it here. Our second volume takes more of a wide-angle view on trends, looking through the lens of general lifestyle and mindset that we hope continue to prevail in the coming decade.

Creating space, leaving room for joy and fostering meaningful connections are some of the best lessons to come out of the past decade - and with a little spin, those same principles can be applied to spacial design to create some truly stunning and highly functional spaces. We have done our best to apply this mindset in curating our collection this year - ruthlessly demanding perfection from every introduction because our clients are exceptional and we expect you to demand nothing less from the materials you select.

G R A C E & P O I S E

Steve Jobs was well known for his uniform of an Issey Miyake black mock-turtle over denim. There's a lot to unpack from that simple fact. The shirt chosen was exceptional in fabric, construction and timeless style - because of its simplicity, there was nowhere to hide mediocrity. Further, taking the time to make a hard decision once, removed thousands of decisions for the rest of his life. He never woke up and had a frantic moment trying to decide what to wear.

We take a similar mindset with curating our collection launches. We'd rather delight our clients with the perfect answer to a design need, like our Classic Marble Collection than bury you in options, creating anxiety and forcing a choice about where you will compromise your vision.

Complimentary Instagrammer: Alexa Chung, a British model & fashion designer with her own take on timelessness.


We think of tile as the canvas for a space. Because they're going to be there for decades if not longer, the ceramics we put in a space must have a healthy dose of timelessness. Often the tile selections we make, set the tempo for the orchestra we create around them in soft-goods, art and other finishes. We've worked hard to develop a solid core of understated neutrals that can bridge a plethora of design languages. Our Luke Collection is a perfect example of our direction for neutrals - with subtle details in tone and texture that create visual cues to build a layered and personalized design around.

Complimentary Instagrammer: Marie Kondo - founder of hashtag #sparkjoy and author, coach and now Netflix star teaching about the magic art of tidying up.


The past decade saw an unprecedented amount of space created for self-actualization and expression in ourselves and the spaces we create to spend our time in. From spa-like ensuites that spill into the master bedroom creating an oasis to Maximalist great rooms consolidating all our interests in one space - the path to greatness for each of us is realizing what the center of our personal tootsie pop really looks like and letting it shine. For some of us it's glittery and glamorous like our Pearl Collection. Whatever makes you tick and feel comfortable, have the courage to let it shine.

Complimentary Instagrammer: Jeffree Star the makeup maven and megaphone personality.


A recurring theme across many of the angles this decade was to slow down, strip away the dross rather than adding, to arrive at the refined distillate of your true vision. The more you peel layers away from an idea, the cleaner and more refined it becomes. This approach takes courage and belief that your vision is correct and can stand on its own merits without artifice or embellishments. We are collectively realizing the payoff in true pride and joy is well worth the extra efforts. Usually those ideas are the ones that seem ludicrous to most at first - like our Chess Collection designed collaboratively with Spanish design graduate students from Barcelona. But the results are unmistakably alluring.

Complimentary Instagrammer: Rene Redzepi, Chef/Owner of Noma who had the courage to create a world class restaurant in Copenhagen with the simple message of local, seasonal and mostly foraged food often incorporating fermentation.


Fast-fashion has to be one of the worst things to come out of the past decade on so many levels. So many of us are recoiling from this disposable business model and doing a complete 180° turn to seek ideas and products that have the soul of a craftsman. Like the ubiquitous technology we are surrounded with, sometimes our pallet gets stuck in a rut and needs a reboot. The rise of artisanal craftsmanship brands that infuse their classic designs and methods with a modern essence speak to us on many levels today. Our Dynamic Collection is a perfect example of this concept done right. A century old craquele glaze is paired with subtle inkjet decoration to recreate a modern version of a shuttle-kiln production wall tile.

Complimentary Instagrammer: John Fluevog the Vancouver-based designer and Cordwainer of fine footwear with oodles of personality

This ends our 2019 Lookbook series. Hope it gave you some food for thought to look ahead at the 20's with clear vision. We are certainly excited for the year to come with you! With Cevisama coming up in Spain next month our gears have been churning with ideas of what our collection this year will look like. If there's something you need to have at your disposal this year, let us know at!

If you're not part of our Insiders Program, hop over to our signup page and join the movement! We keep our inbox bombardment to a minimum but it's how you find out first about our promotions, new collection launches, events and reference articles!

~ Centanni Tile Team

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