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Downtown Collection - A blend of high design and technological art

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

A modular collection means when multiple sizes of tile are scaled with a standardized joint-width (in this case 2mm) to work together flawlessly in any combination of scales and orientations.

Just because a tile collection is made in multiple sizes, doesn't mean it's modular - but in the case of Downtown, it is!

For some ideas on layouts and ratios using our Downtown Collection, see the layout & ratio guide here:

Download PDF • 6.42MB

Centanni Tile has blended high design and technological art to bring you Downtown, a line of small format porcelain tile perfect for walls, flooring and even outdoor applications. This collection offers a matte texture of microcement with a decorative format subtly striped with glossy inks that is easy to install, easy to coordinate, and perfect for wet areas. Completely modular, you can design with Downtown any way you desire, mixing square and rectangle formats along with the linear decorative within the same span. In addition, small tiles with a strong variation-scale like Downtown can add depth to a space and expand its appearance.

Porcelain tile is fired at a much higher temperature than regular ceramic tile, making them much denser than other tile products, able to withstand heavier traffic and temperature fluctuations. It has long been considered as a durable, easy-to-clean, and versatile surface for even the most demanding environment. Now, with the improvement of inkjet technology, we can join all the beneficial features of porcelain with the tactile feel and character of fabric that is extremely realistic. These tiles are printed on the surface and then glazed for added protection. The result is a sharp, high-definition image with stunning depth of colour. Therefore, maintaining inkjet printed backsplash tile is like caring for any type of glazed tile. Among its advantages (in addition to its stylish appearance) we can mention nonporous, resistant to UV rays so will not discolour in strong sunlight, minimal scratching, ease of application and cleanliness - the surface is smooth, so that no dirt is collected and the surface is easily sanitized.

Downtown Collection coordinates beautifully with our range but the restrained decoration featured in this small-format microcement inspired collection pairs particularly well with the similarly inspired Atmosphere 2cm pavers and Carnaby.

- The Centanni Tile Team

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