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Last Call Sales Event - Week 1 - 40 to 95% Markdowns!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Yes, that's right - Our legendary Last Call Event is live as we round out this crazy year. We thought things had been hard enough on all of us this year and wanted to give a little back to our amazing clients that have been working so hard this year. We're dropping prices on some of our longer-standing collections of exclusive European porcelain and ceramic tile to make room for our new collections in 2021.

For all the details and a snap-shot of the sale rack, have a look here. And make sure to sign up for our Insiders mailing list to get access to exclusive promotions while the event lasts!

To kick things off, we've got a selection of Door-Crashers with steep discounts and deep stocks to form the backbone of luxury design for your next renovation or development project. The criteria for our selections was simple - the tiles we chose to feature for door-crashers needed to be timeless and offer coordination with multiple offers on our Last Call Rack.

60% Markdown - November ONLY

Perhaps one of our most refined and iconic collections goes on sale for the first time (you'll recognize it in the header video above). A vintage take on the unique Belgian limestone, this collection of Color-body performance porcelain is made in Italy with the peak of modern technology. This large-format porcelain collection, including the decorative formats is a workhorse that is suitable for areas ranging from outdoor kitchens, to patios, to sprawling ensuite bathrooms - Nordik Stone can bring that refined look of oceanic fossilization to almost any space you could want to put it in.

  • For Complimentary wall tile for showers or backsplashes, consider Cotswold Collection

  • For a tasteful decorative accent for feature walls or entry details consider Venezia Collection Solids and Patterns

  • For exterior cladding on your patios and porches, our Saturn Collection offers that craftsman ledgestone look

58% Markdown - November Only

The quintessentially North American tile is Subway tile. Never going out of style since it's design for the NYC subway project at the turn of the 20th century, we have nevertheless seen some updates to finish and format. Our Subway collection features an elongated format in a 1:4 ratio instead of the traditional 1:2 ratio. The impeccable mid-spectrum white surface is offered in both brilliant glossy and buttery smooth matte finishes.

If you're looking for an unpretentious, yet refined and timeless finish material for your backsplash, shower or tub surround - you need look no further than the Subway Tile Collection in peak quality white-body ceramic.

Pro Tip: Using contrasting grout colors to match textiles, paint or flooring tile is an amazingly simple and effective way to completely change the look of this material. With a facial dimension above 12" in length, this tile does fit within ANSI standard definition of a large format and therefore should not be installed with greater than 33% offset to avoid lippage and joint-shadowing.

  • For vintage or artisanal motifs, consider our Memory Collection Encaustic Cement tile as a companion pairing for flooring.

  • Crisp White Subway tile also makes a stunning compliment to Marble Looks. Consider these when you're looking for a more elegant feel with your subway tile.

  • For an urban loft feel, pairing our subway collection with dark joints, black plumbing fixtures and a painted-wood flooring like Nordik Collection can be wonderfully effective.

95% Markdown - November Only

This artisanal style of handmade hydraulic cement tile is produced today in exactly the same way as it began around 1890. In fact, our supplier partner is one of the original companies in France that began making this classic tile all those years ago. A branch of the family moved to Vietnam, then a French Colony, and began a construction company that also fabricated the encaustic tile that would grace their colonial buildings. The company remains today with production in Ho Chi Minh city with the same supply-chain as they began, importing premium cements and pigments from Europe to make the highest quality Encaustic Tile in the world.

Our Memory Collection has been designed with North American tastes and palettes in mind. The Staple Solid colors form the backbone of the collection and all the available colors are featured in each of the pattern collections; Deco, Angle, Petals & Cross. The combinations are limitless, in this wonderful material that matures like a good wine, developing depth and patina as it lives in your space.

A beautiful monochrome floor, with subtle movement of the natural material is an ideal accompaniment to a refined marble look like our Zebrino Collection to accent with color or simply provide a serene backdrop for the marble to shine.

Timber looks offset the warm and natural feel of cement on floors or walls. Consider a parquet panelling effect on your shower feature wall with Memory Staple Solids.

Like apple pie and ice cream, Subway tile and encaustic cement is a perfect pair. Especially when the craftsman feel is echoed in the ceramic collection like our Cotswold with it's handmade look.

Whatever design language you're embracing or space you're designing for, there are limitless options in our collection to create inviting and livable style. Come see us and let's see what we can create together!

~The Centanni Tile Team

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