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Our Most Refined Cement Collection: Illinois Collection

Next week we’re introducing the Illinois Collection. Our most refined cement collection to date with enhanced by adding a glossy finish to small aggregate chips in the graphics. It works well indoor and outdoor for both commercial and residential projects. Illinois can be applied anywhere around your home, office or cafe. You name it, it can be done!

Exposed aggregate is far more attractive than a tedious monochrome grey cement. If you want to breathe a new life into the design in your house or commercial building, Illinois is a perfect solution! One of the major benefits of these color-body porcelain tiles is their versatile, functional nature. Exposed aggregate cement is a vintage finish with new life in this contemporary modern proposal. The collection contrasts or combines well with any design language or material, be it with woodworks or natural stone craftsman or contemporary. With a plethora of application, this exposed aggregate style porcelain serves as the past and future of decorative concrete.

With this gorgeous collection, you can get the best of both worlds: long-lasting flooring or cladding with a stunning finish. It is featured in 30x30" and 24x48" in 3 different colors. Exposed aggregate looks in porcelain is one of the best ways to add style without risking usability or functionally . These slip resistant tiles provide good performance, stain resistance and an inert, sanitary surface that will last for a lifetime. They show less depreciation, require very little repair and are resistant to heavy traffic and harsh weather condition.

- The Centanni Tile Team

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