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Stonetech - Professional-Grade After-Care

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We put so much effort into creating a bespoke collection of the best European tile and stone for our clients to use in their projects because we know the care you take in selecting for your projects. That investment of time and care should pay dividends for not only years but generations!

...With the right care and maintenance that is...

We want your work and enjoyment of it to last and be as beautiful as the day it was installed for the lifetime of your building whether it's your own home, your dream restaurant, your hotel or just your daughter's play-house. The answer:

Laticrete's Stonetech line of sealers, cleansers & problem solvers.

Our long-time partnership with Laticrete Canada expands in Q1 2020 to include the full range of Stonetech products including the revolutionary Bulletproof sealer which is part of the only Lifetime Warranty system offered in the industry. Whether you have a stubborn stain to remove from your marble or need to implement a daily cleaning regiment for your space, Centanni Tile has a Stonetech solution for you. All products in stock now and ready to pickup or ship today.

For those larger projects where you will need regular supply or large one-time quantities, we do have discount options for case-lots on all products. Reach out to us for any specific questions or special pricing concerns.

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