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Arete Ventures




North Vancouver

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Corporate Office







Perched on the water's edge of Burrard Inlet, this venture capital firm has a commanding view of one of the most desirable cities to live in from it's 3/4 height south-facing windows. Arash Asli, one of the managing directors of the firm has been a long-term client of ours so when it came time to clad his upscale venture-capital firm's interior he knew who to call. 

The office layout is long and narrow, to take advantage of the southern exposure's commanding view of the downtown skyline so a large format was called for to make the space appear bigger. Likewise, a polished finish would take advantage of the high-value of natural light and help to solidify the elegant, upscale aesthetic that spoke to the firm's clientele and ethos.

With a tight floor plan and strong visual elements in furniture and fixtures, the flooring would need to be cohesive throughout the space, providing an anchor for the elegant composition without overpowering the bright gold, saturated velvet and luxurious emerald wall paper. Challenges like this are what we're made for at Centanni Tile. Together with clients like Arash, we create corporate spaces that make you want to get up and get to the office even on Monday mornings.

Project Product List

Ghost Polished

Project Photography

24" x 48"

The entire space is unified with the singular tile - Antique Marble Ghost that carries throughout. This was vitally important since all the partition walls are translucent glass. By using a polished surface, large format and singular product, the space looks much bigger than it is.

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