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Exceptional tiles require exceptional installation systems. There's none more cohesive than Laticrete's complete line. We Stock a majority of their line in Burnaby and if we don't have it on-hand we're happy to get it for you quickly.

Large-formats or demanding environments - Laticrete has solutions at Centanni Tile for everything.

*Note - Competitor's material references are illustrative only.

All product data sheets should be consulted for proper comparison

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Microban® Anti-microbal technology is incorporated in multiple Laticrete products to further increase the hygiene of the entire installation assembly from prep to membranes to grouts. 

Maintain piece of mind that you're doing everything you can to keep the users of your space safe and healthy.

Looking for an installation professional? We have some of the best clients on the west coast. We've put together a shortlist of some of our best customers that do phenomenal work.


All contractors on this list are independent contractors and have no direct affiliation with Centanni Tile. 

setting materials

Mortars, Grouts & Admixtures


Color Selector & Calculator


Care & Maintenance for Tile & Stone


Shower Systems - Membranes, Backer Units & Drains


Floor Warming Cables, Sheet Goods, Thermostats & Admixture

surface prep

Primers, Self Levellers & Patching Compounds

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