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Casa Solaris




White Rock

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Custom Residential





Like every good ballad, this project’s story is deep and filled with purpose. It begins with a narrow 23,000 square-foot lot of prime West Coast real estate purchased in 2015. Separated by two skinny lanes of traffic and a railroad from Semiahmoo Bay off the Straight of Georgia and a stone’s throw from the 49th. A White Rock beachfront-proper lot, rising from sea-level to over forty-feet at the North end laneway. A dream spot for any Vancouverite with endless views of the pacific from all four stories broken only by the Gulf and San Juan islands, depending on your orientation, from NW to SE. The site's location and final design, directly opposite a small city park and parking entrance means it's the only four-story property on Marine Dr with unobstructed ocean views from all four floors. 

Everything that went into this house is long-lasting and easy to care for first – contemporary and stylish second. It’s clear that the goal of creating a family legacy with this property was top of mind in every product selection choice.

Photo Credits: Vince Emond & Dallas Todd

Project Product List

Contract Grey

Project Photography

24" x 48"

The lynch-pin of the project was finding a cohesive 24" x 48" format 2cm paver for the patios. The design was such that the exterior decks REQUIRED a flow of aesthetics and groutlines from inside to out. The exterior spaces were a big part of the living space and connected the surroundings to the space. Our Contract Collection in Grey was the perfect accompaniment to the Ziro Perla on the interior floors.

Project Item IMG

Ziro Blanco

Project Photography

24" x 48"

Despite an almost fanatic devotion to unified design and spartan materials list, the walls are a slightly different tile than the floors, and by that we mean a half-tone difference in colorway. The Ziro Collection in 24" x 48" remains but in Blanco for the walls. The lighter colorway plays well on the vertical surfaces and highlights the natural, unfinished oak of the millwork and cabinetry much better than the deeper grey Perla color of the floors.

Project Item IMG

Ziro Perla

Project Photography

24" x 48"

Cohesive design, clean and contemporary in a single large format to take advantage of the open plan was the tall order to satisfy for this project. Our Ziro Collection 24" x 48" in Perla was the tile selected to base the entire decor around. Ziro makes a perfect canvas for a space with a modern concrete aesthetic that has just enough movement to be interesting but is restrained enough to play a supporting role. This product is the sole flooring material throughout the 3000 square foot living space.

Project Item IMG

Alea - Special Order

Project Photography

39" x 98"

Much like the Iconic westcoast fishing boats around Port Alberni - the rainscreen façade of this project is extruded aluminum panels for the top 3 stories. The ground floor, by code required something fully bonded and more resilient. Enter our Alea Collection, 6mm slab - a special ordered product for this project in stunning 39" x 98" slabs. The aesthetic of modern and refined concrete perfectly matching the foundation and polished aggregate concrete of the garage and office floor inside.

Project Item IMG



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