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Dandy's Ice Cream





Project Type

Hospitality Retail


Janks Design Group 




A young entreprenurial couple, Rob and Daniela, from Regina harbored a dream of creating a business that brought smiles to people's faces through the nearly universal delight inspired by delicious artisanal ice cream. With adventurous flavor combos in mind like Coconut Ash + Honeycomb or Cereal Milk and Carmalized Bananas, they had a strong vision of an intelligent yet unpretentious product and were seeking a design language to foster that feeling in their brick-and-mortar establishment.

During a stint in Vancouver for university, the sought out Ruth, founder and principal of Janks Design Group, specifically based on her firm's pedigree of design success with Vancouver-based brands like DU/ER and Ernest Ice Cream. The goal was to develop a flexible concept and design language, based on the contemporary existing branding featuring white, black, grey and gold that could be applied to a location they would purchase upon their return to the praries. The concept was intended to be scalable for multiple locations, and in fact, Dandy's and Janks Design Group are currently collaborating on a second location.

Photos Courtesy of Fyfe Photography

Project Product List

Statuary Natural

Project Photography

12" x 24"

The pristine Simplicity is what makes the Iconic Italian Stone, Statuario such a timeless classic. The marble itself is incredibly delicate and sensitive to acids and staning, making it a poor choice for a creamery. Products like our Statuary Collection from premium Spanish manufacturers is an ideal choice to achieve the look without the maintenance concerns.

Project Item IMG

Marne Cemento - Last Call

Project Photography

12" x 24"

A strong, resilient flooring was called for in this food-service business set in the harsh weather conditions of Regina. The subtle variation and impeccable surface of our Marne Cemento was the perfect choice. With strong, yet tone-on-tone variation, the overall color of the flooring remained consistent, yet created enough variation to hide soil and create visual interest in long expanses of the space.

Project Item IMG



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