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Pearl Collection

FW'19 | S T O C K E D

Pearl Collection

Every lady needs a classic string of pearls in her jewlery box because they go with everything and elevate whatever they’re paired with. You can think of our Pearl Collection as a string of pearls for your project. It’s timeless elegance that just makes everything shine brighter. This collection transforms a space into a dynamic setting as it refracts light uniquely from every perspective.


Format-Memento Travertino.png

Pastel colorways and more decor pattern options available for special order. Please use the button above to request more information on non-stock formats.


Grey Chevron

12.45 x 35.5"

Grey Drop

12.45 x 35.5"


12.45 x 35.5"

White Drop

12.45 x 35.5"

White Chevron

12.45 x 35.5"


12.45 x 35.5"

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