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5 Popular Tile Collections For Residential & Commercial Settings | Tile Shop Burnaby BC

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Tile replacement and installation can involve a lot of steps. Including browsing through endless design options and choosing the right style and colour for your space. Out of the many tile options in the market, the unparalleled, exceptional quality of products at Centanni Tile sourced exclusively from Europe provide you with the ideal interior and exterior designs you need for flooring, ceiling, wall and indoor and outdoor installs.

We are a tile shop based in Burnaby BC and the exclusive antique marble tile suppliers in the province, serving Vancouver, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our exemplary work curating collections and strive to establish meaningful connections with all our clients. Our collection features exclusive, unique tile designs and are streamlined to simple categories to make your selection process easier.

If you are interested in our products and want to take advantage of our Last Call deals, call us at 604-298-1531. Here, we go over some of our most popular tile collections to help make your decision a little easier.

Made in Italy: The Axis Collection

These timber-look tiles hail from our homeland of Italy and are designed with a smooth Scandinavian style finish. These porcelain tiles are wooden planks with minimal knots and colour variation to complement your overall design. If you need high performance and durable tiles, the smooth wooden planks of the Axis Collection will solve all the problem areas in your space and bringing a warm organic flair to your space.

Axis tiles are formatted by 8x48” and are available in oak, maple, nut, and birch shadings.

From Spain: The Chess Collection

The core concept of tiles in the Chess Collection is the practical application of handmade products. Created in collaboration with design students in Barcelona, we place great value in personal time and attention made to craft these tiles. Each one has intricate lines and shapes to add to a creative, personalized feel. The solid white Mugat Blanco field tile is also available for a more understated look.

If you’d like to add a touch of creativity to your flooring design, then the Chess Collection may be the right choice for you.

Bonafide Timelessness: The Classic Marble Collection

Marble is a classic design material for wall and flooring surfaces. The most exclusive and iconic stones were selected for this collection offering the perfectly refined choice of marble for any setting and color-need. These iconic stones were hand-selected from the best slabs available for each varietal from iconic Cararra through elegant Marquina.

Our classic marble tiles provide no-nonsense satisfaction and a smooth look to your overall interior design. Each tile measures around 24x24 inches or 24x48 inches and are made in Italy. The full range of stones available are Nero Marquina, Grey Marble, Bianco Carrara, Zebrino, or Thassos.

The Minimalist Waves of the Luke Collection

These Spanish made tiles look to be sculpted from concrete and are characterized by soft movements and buttery finishes. While these tiles can be used to for walls, they have a beautiful pairing with our Ziro Collection for floors. This collection captures a timeless aesthetic and minimalist grey design with an austere feeling.

Tiles in the Luke Collection feature a gentle wave pattern as well as flat surface that can work with any existing design. They measure around 16x48 inches and feature shades such as Gris, Blanco and Perla.

The Outstanding Memory Tile Collection

Tiles in the Memory Collection are traditional Encaustic cement tile design from a company with over a century of history. These tiles have been traditionally made by hand with premium European materials since the 1890s. These tiles have inherent variation and develop a unique patina over time that is celebrated in this classic artisanal material.

In the classic 8x8” format we offer the Staple solids and four patterns including Angle, Petals, Deco and Cross.

Attractive Designs | Unparalleled Manufacturing Excellence

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Your tiles make the ultimate style statement.

Need a little help finding the perfect design? That’s our cue! You can expect lifetime satisfaction, stunning designs and affordable quotes at Centanni Tile.

Our design experts are standing by right now. Give us a call at 604-298-1531 or email us at

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