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Antique Marble Collection

FW'19 | S T O C K E D

Antique Marble Collection

Some stones are so iconic that they are actually getting harder to find these days. As with any scarcity, cost of supply grows exponentially as reserves dwindle. With modern scanning and inkjet technology, our Antique Marble collection, brings back some of the most iconic stones the world has ever seen in polished and natural finishes.


Format-Memento Travertino.png

All formats above stocked in Polished and Matte finishes. Collection is available in multiple formats, including slabs, for special order. Please contact us for details on non-stock formats



12 x 24" | 24 x 24" | 24 x 48" | Polished & Natural


12 x 24" | 24 x 24" | 24 x 48" | Polished & Natural

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