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The Heat is ON! - Strata_HEAT promotion

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Laticrete's Strata_HEAT system is one of the most flexible and high-performing electric cable based radiant heating/warming systems available and we're putting it ALL on sale for the rest of January at Centanni Tile. The promotion runs from Jan 10th ~ 31st and includes all mats, cables and thermostats in stock.

I T 'S C O L D O U T T H E R E

Arctic fronts are blowing in the Lower Mainland and we find ourselves covered in snow like the rest of the country for once. Whether your upcoming project is here on the coast or in Moosejaw, the winter months in Canada are often when clients bring up the one drawback of ceramics' thermal mass...

"I hate putting my feet down on a cold floor when I get out of bed"

As with most negative perceptions, with the right supporting products and spin on perspective it can quickly become a value-added feature with a little forethought and planning. Radiant heating/floor warming systems take that thermal mass of ceramics and turn it into a massive benefit. Because of the high-thermal mass coupled with low-conductivity, ceramic and porcelain tile are among the best candidates for radiant floor heating systems.

F L O O R W A R M I N G vs. R A D I A N T H E A T I N G

There are two ways to utilize your Strata_HEAT system and designing your system to fit your intent is important for long-term performance and efficiency. It can either be the primary heating source or a supplementary system used primarily to increase occupant comfort.

Primary heating works best for smaller spaces under 2000 square-feet, especially with standard 10-foot ceilings. With higher ceilings or larger spaces. That said, with smart thermostats and strategic usage, there are ways to make it work well as the primary heating source for larger spaces. Utilizing the small electric pulses of the system and optimizing usage to incorporate the high thermal mass and slow passive-loss of the ceramic assembly can make Strata_HEAT surprisingly efficient & affordable.

Strata_HEAT system also incorporates the innovative Thermal Pack admixture which is the industry exclusive thermal conductive admix for mortars.

Incorporation of this admix to your mortar bed can increase the efficiency of this system by up to 15% according to Laticrete.

The above heat-map of a traditional wire system shows the cool spots between the wires - remember the low-conductivity of tile we were talking about earlier?

Using the proprietary Thermal Pack admixture, you can see the results of more even temperatures and broader heat dispersion will create a more comfortable and efficient floor. Thermal Packs are not a regularly stocked item, so if you want to incorporate this value-added step in your Strata_HEAT install this month, please contact us or come by our showroom to place your special order.

As a supplementary system, it is ideal anywhere you will be in bare-feet.

If your project is here in BC, there are even avenues through BC Hydro to apply for funding to cover up to 25% of the up-front costs of your project that applies to energy-saving strategies! For more information, see the SEM Hub page of BC Hydro's site.

We have also seen some creative uses for Strata_HEAT in projects that go beyond traditional floor warming we'd like to share to get your creative juices and imaginations going.

D E F R O S T I N G, D R Y I N G or W A R M I N G Z O N E

Under porcelain slab or granite counters, adding a zone with gentle warming for gentle defrosting of frozen goods quickly can be an effective use of electric cabling systems.

Instead of a costly and space-hungry warming drawer to your new kitchen, utilizing the thermal mass of your ceramic table-wear & countertop to your advantage and incorporating a plating and warming zone in your counter can be an efficient and affordable option instead.

In entryways or mudrooms, running Strata_HEAT system up the wall where you hang your coats or prop your boots after a rosy-cheeked and fun filled morning sledding with the family is another great and innovative supplementary use of the system to ensure your gear is all dried out and ready again for the afternoon session.

As with all promotions, our Insiders get notified first. If you don't want to miss out, make sure to visit our signup page and become a Centanni Insider yourself!

Stay safe and toasty all!

-Centanni Tile Team

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