We rotate in collections twice each year at the equinoxes so there's always fresh porcelain and ceramic tile novelties to get excited about and open up new composition options for your projects. We keep a tight collection in our stocking program so, as novelties arrive, older items rotate into our Last Call Collection with some hearty discounts. Our newest introductions of the season can always be found on this page, along with other seasonally applicable spotlights - check back often!

Mitica Collection

Mitica Collection is inspired by a fine-grained limestone. The soft background of the base tile is speckeled with encrustation of minerals, alternating lead tones with hints of pearl and even white. Mitica is a contemporary stone collection with cool and 1 warm colour.

Venexia Collection

A balance of shapes and colours that enchant the eye with a richness of detail. Inspired by Italian artisanal terrazzo, Venexia reinterprets and experiments with new design and aesthetic canons. A collection that lends itself to interesting patterns and material combinations for the creation of both modern and retro environments. Venexia, tradition and timeless terrazzo design.

Solid Collection

Solid collection is a study of perfect Neutrals. Mid-Spectrum simplicity that will work with any scheme. The classic hexagon shape with a modern pressed edge brings an iconic ceramic style into the 21st century.

Colorado Collection

Colorado Collection is a modern and clean blend of an agglomerate marble cross Terrazzo look. The subtle veins are soft to the touch raised ink that adds texture and is great for various applications.  The real agglomerate consists of marble-resin and marble-cement. Marble agglomerate is obtained by mixing first choice marble chips carefully selected for size and color with polyester resin or cement.  This look was popular in the 70s and early 80s. With our porcelain option, you alleviate the maintenance compared to real marble agglomerate.

Sonar Collection

Sonar Collection is a stunning collection that combines a modern twist to a square terrazzo with a 9” hexagon featuring a raised ink that adds texture to the Flecked print with multiple colors, terrazzo-patterned hexagon tile. This collection comes in 3 colorways making it stylish enough for wall use, but durable enough for floor use. Make a statement with our Sonar collection.

Lapis Collection

The palace and grounds at Versailles are one of the most iconic classic buildings and made French Limestone in multiple formats a global trend. Lapis Collection breathes new life into this colonial classic with a refined edge and modern palette making it a perfect choice to lend a little old world charm to a modern space.

Ceppo Collection

Possibly the most timeless marble that isn't white - Ceppo Di Gre, the iconic Italian marble is the ultimate unifier. This stone effortlessly bridges the aesthetics of terrazzo, marble and concrete with a warm and inviting grey palette. The organic nature of the distinct stones with subtle variance of hues makes this look compliment literally everything.

Lavica Collection

Lavica is a modern take on a stone-look. It takes veining from marble, mineral variance from limestone and subtle clefting structure from quartzite to create something wholly new and
stunning. With one of the broadest graphics, including 160 square-feet of unique visuals, Lavica is truly something special.