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FALL / WINTER 2023-2024

We rotate in collections twice each year at the equinoxes so there's always fresh porcelain and ceramic tile novelties to get excited about and open up new composition options for your projects. We keep a tight collection in our stocking program so, as novelties arrive, older items rotate into our Last Call Collection with some hearty discounts. Our newest introductions of the season can always be found on this page, along with other seasonally applicable spotlights - check back often!

HARU Collection

Haru Collection is inspired by solid oak wood. The surface is characterized by an extraordinary graphic depth that realistically evokes the details of nature. Presented in 3 colours in a wall paneled wood slats effect created for wall applications in residential and commercial applications.

Harlem Collection

Harlem collection features 6 stunning colors and surfaces typical of kiln bricks. A versatile option that brings texture and depth to any setting. These elongated 2” x 18” porcelain tiles establish the perfect focal point, embodying a retro brick aesthetic. Available in a slightly textured matte finish and an array of warm reds, greys, and multicolours blending seamlessly, this brick-look tile is perfect for various surfaces like interior walls and floors. It’s the perfect choice for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor, feature walls in a variety of residential and commercial applications.

RAS Collection

RAS is a collection designed by Fran Silvestre, the founder of the internationally acclaimed architects’ studio Fran Silves-tre Arquitectos. It can be used to create tiled wall surfaces that spark off interplay with the light, leading to chameleonic settings with a dual sense of depth, further enhanced by contrasting finishes. When the surface is bathed in light, a met-amorphosis takes place through the shadows cast by its surface reliefs and its grainy appearance. Available in Grey or White, RAS comes in a 20x40 format in a combined matt/gloss finish.

RAKU Collection

Inspired in the ancient Japanese technique of glazing ceramics, the Raku collection recreates an ancestral tradition in a contemporary and authentic approach. Presenting a glossy and irregular surface, this product evokes the colours and traditional ceramic materials to create spaces with a modern touch, without losing the charm and authenticity of artisanal pieces. Produced in a small format (2.36” x 10.63”), Raku is composed of 7 modern colours, each characterized by an ample variety of tones, rust effect details, as well as small discreet contrasting points.

FS Loft Collection

The FS Loft name derives from a historic collaboration with a Spanish architect Francisco Segarra. Visual appeal of brick & all the benefits of ceramic tiles are what FS LOFT seeks to combine in this design for wall applications. Features an irregular, rough-cast appearance combined with a silky, easy-to-clean surface. Made in Spain a white-body wall tile that unites beauty with functionality. Deep Tech technology was used to give the relief pattern to give it depth. Add some character to your next well tile project With FS Loft Collection.

Arkiquartz Collection

The Arkiquartz porcelain stoneware collection is inspired by the instinctive charm of quartzite and offers an advanced synthesis of natural elegance and technical vocation. The result is a new link between inspiration and innovation that suggests unprecedented decorative features of the stone effect and a dialogue between interior and exterior in the
name of stylistic harmony.

Rodano Collection

Rodano Collection draws inspiration from concrete in the form closest to the natural elements. Warm tones of concrete with a subtle movement in graphics to create a contemporary look for your space. Available in 2 sizes and 4 colours with a pressed finish and a competitive price its great for residential and commercial projects.

Indic Collection

The collection Indic is inspired by the historic Italian marble Fior di Bosco extracted from the Tuscan mountain range, mimicking a natural stone marble with a design that remarks the stability and strength through its veins. The diversity of the details (featuring Sinking glaze Technology to highlight the veins as it’s done in nature) and shades of the stone make a unique colored body porcelain with a notorious depth and character.

Robin Collection

Robin Collection brings a Metallic effect without the sheen of real metal Oxid look. With 4 diverse colours to select from and a smaller scale available in an 8” tile. Robin Collection fills the gap of a unique Oxid colour. Step out of your greys and add something with colour and a splash of retro modern design.

Cumbria Collection

Cumbria Collection takes inspiration from Asian Natural Slate Tiles. The textures and rich colours reflect the multi-colour natural slate quarried from Hills in Asia, and Black Tones to create a contemporary west coast feeling for any setting.

Seville Collection

The imperfection that artisan products offer us is unique and incomparable. That imperfection that to the eye of a good observer could seem perfect. The zellige, an Arab composition that appears in Morocco in the 10th century, is a sample of this artisan essence. Our Seville collection draws on this inspiration, from those artisans who with patience and know-how managed to create unique pieces. The details of Seville to achieve a collection full of nuances. When light hits and is reflected in an almost magical way in its shiny glazes, to its wide chromatic range with traditional and avant-garde colors. Available in two formats. Explore the colours and sizes.

Borgia Collection

Borgia Collection is inspired by Invisible Grey Marble quarried in Turkey, from the mountains of the city named Balikesir. It has a unique white color with amazing grey spider veins and warm neutral tones. It is one of the most wanted marble for interior home designs great for kitchen & bathroom projects.

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